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BTCC mid-season catch-up with Mark Blundell

Ticker’s been sponsoring former-F1 driver Mark Blundell in the British Touring Car Championship 2019. We’re now half-way through the season, so we thought it was time to catch up with Mark about how his BTCC experience has been. What’s...

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Government considering curfews for young drivers

Graduated licensing – restrictions on new drivers – has been debated back and forth for years. Countries including Canada and Australia have versions of graduated licensing, but the UK has always steered clear to avoid interfering with young people’s lives...

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It’s time for telematics to go mainstream

Since 2011, young driver casualties have decreased by more than a third due to telematics insurance.1As the number of telematics policies has grown, the number of young driver crashes has fallen. I’ve seen first hand the difference telematics has made...

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All about the Ticker app

Ticker works with a box and an app. Your Ticker box collects data on your driving, then sends it to your phone when it connects via Bluetooth. Your phone sends the data to us through the Ticker app, with minimal...

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Ticker hits the front page of the Insurance Times

This week, Ticker made the front page of the Insurance Times’s April issue, with an exclusive interview. Richard King, Ticker CEO, and investor Gary Lineker talked to the magazine about how Ticker came about, where it’s going – and why...

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Ticker in The Mail on Sunday

Ticker hit the press recently with a big piece in The Mail on Sunday. The focus was on the next-generation Ticker box, the first of its kind to be self-installable and autonomous to the vehicle. With a new device, better...

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Ticker: next-generation insurance

Since telematics hit the insurance world in 2010, the tech has been associated with young drivers. It’s helped reduce the cost of insurance, reduce crashes and reduce the worry every parent feels as their child drives away from them for...

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