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Smart motorways – what’s going on?

Smart motorways started appearing in 2006, with the first trial on the M42. Now, some MPs and road safety organisations are claiming that they’re dangerous and need an overhaul. How smart motorways work Some smart motorways do away with the...

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Ticker’s Rising Star

Insurance Innovators Rising Star Award 2019 Name: Joey Ross Role: Senior Pricing Analyst Joey was clearly a star from his first interview: he challenged me and the CUO on plans for growth right there and then. Since joining in the...

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Car insurance scams on social media

Car insurance scams are all over Instagram and Snapchat, targeting people trying to find cheap car insurance. Often they’re embarrassingly obvious – but if you were desperate to get that price down, would you take the risk? Who’s affected? Types...

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Communicating the Ticker vision

Be a parrot “You’ve got to do your best to hope that everyone buys into the vision that you’ve set out. And you can only do that by really being a parrot and continually talking about that vision. “Now, you’ve...

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