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The UK’s first medium-sized electric van

The UK’s first medium-sized electric van has finally arrived, a year later than scheduled – and it qualifies for a government grant. The Mercedes-Benz eVito The Mercedes-Benz eVito is the first opportunity for drivers of medium-sized vans to go electric....

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What a COVID-19 driving test looks like

Practical driving tests start back up again in England on 22 July, but things will look very different. 1. A major fault will end the driving test Every driving instructor tells their students, “Just keep going”. A mistake could...

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We’re hiring – Finance Analyst/Accountant

About the role As our Finance Analyst, you’ll report to our Head of Finance and work closely with our experienced CFO. You’ll become an integral part of our finance team. Day-to-day tasks: Assisting in financial operations, specifically cash reconciliations and...

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MOT due during lockdown? Get booked in now!

On 30 March, the government announced a six-month extension for MOTs. This temporary measure ends on 31 July, so if your test is due after that date, usual rules apply. If your MOT was originally due during lockdown, you should...

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Getting back to normal

When lockdown began, we switched to homeworking for all our staff and reduced our customer service hours. Once things started to open up again – particularly car dealerships – we were suddenly extremely busy. That resulted in some delays, so...

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When will learning to drive start back up again?

The DVSA halted theory and practical driving tests in March, and driving instructors had to stop teaching. Although tests did resume for key workers during the first months of the pandemic, most learners were left in limbo. Now, we’re just...

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Guidance for driving during COVID-19

Regularly updated to reflect GOV.UK driving guidance for COVID-19. Last updated: 12 May 2020. When you’re allowed to drive during COVID-19 A lot of us are holed-up at home but even with social distancing guidance in place, sometimes you will...

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