Green cards for driving in the EU

UPDATE: now the UK has reached an agreement with the EU, green cards will be needed for driving in most of Europe.

With just a weeks to go, there’s still no clear outcome for Brexit negotiations.

This means that any UK citizen driving in the EU from 1 January will need to have a green card from their insurer. The card confirms that you have the minimum level of cover required.

Example: you’re spending Christmas in France and driving back to the UK on 1 January. You’ll need to organise a green card to cover that day ASAP.

How to get a green card from Ticker

Get in touch with us as soon as possible by chat or phone and we’ll send you the green card digitally.

You’ll need to print it but don’t worry – it doesn’t need to be on green paper.


Don’t leave it until the last minute

Although we don’t yet know the end result of negotiations, plan for the worst. Any delay in your documentation will delay your travel plans, so be as prepared as possible.

Get more information about where you need a green card to drive.

Start a chat to get a green card