Gary Lineker gets his own taste of VAR – Van Action Replay

To launch our connected motor insurance for van drivers, we set Gary Lineker (who’s one of Ticker’s investors) the challenge of driving a van – for the first time in nearly 40 years. Oh, and watched closely by VAR. Van Action Replay.

Gary used to help out with driving his dad’s fruit and veg van when he was a teenager, so he was up for the challenge. But it didn’t turn out quite how any of us expected.


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“We want van drivers to know there’s a way to pay less with telematics insurance, without being judged on marginal errors. Young drivers have enjoyed huge financial benefits from box insurance over the last 10 years but have also needed the coaching element. With van drivers, it’s a different story. We’ve listened to what they want from telematics insurance and designed this to work for them: it’s all about the rewards, without the nagging. With Ticker, there’s no reason not to give a box a go.”

Richard King, Ticker founder and CEO

“I was up for the challenge of driving a van again. I often drove the van when I helped Dad with his fruit and veg stall – but that was nearly 40 years ago. As you see in the videos, it was trickier than I remembered and didn’t go quite according to plan.”

Gary Lineker, Ticker investor