Time to give a box a go

40 years on from the last time Gary drove a van, what could go wrong?

Gary Lineker is an investor in Ticker – van insurance with a box. He used to drive his dad’s fruit and veg van when he was young. So, we thought he’d be up to the challenge of a few simple manoeuvres, watched closely by VAR. No, not football’s Video Assistant Referee. Van Action Replay.


An almost perfect day of filming.


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That was close

How did Gary do when we asked him to turn a van in a very tight spot?

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An unparalleled victory

Not easy to parallel park a 3.5 tonne van when it’s been 40 years.

But what did the VAR pundits think?

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REAL van drivers shouldn’t be judged on marginal errors

Ticker insurance is for everyday van drivers. It’s about rewarding good driving, not nagging you for little mistakes.

Drive with a box and you could save on your van insurance.

Time to give a box a go?

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Gary Lineker in the back of a van holding the Ticker box