What’s the Ticker device?

Depending on your vehicle, you’ll either get a stick-on Ticker box or a plug-in Ticker device.

The plug-in Ticker device

It’s a small box about as long as your index finger. We post the device out to you and you follow the instructions included to plug it in to your car’s OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) port – this is usually near your steering wheel and only takes a few seconds. It draws minimal power from your car and sends us your driving data directly.

When you leave Ticker, you can unplug the device and send it back to us to recycle.

The stick-on Ticker box

It’s a small, round box that fits in the palm of your hand. We post the box out to you and you stick it to your windscreen. Download the Ticker app and pair it with your box. The box then collects driving data and sends it to us via your app. This will have a minimal effect on your data plan.

When you leave Ticker, you can take the box off your windscreen and send it back to us to recycle.

Unlike with some other black box insurers, the Ticker devices don’t need any special knowledge to be installed – so you don’t need an appointment for an engineer to fit it.

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