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You can talk to our customer service team by chat from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

If you need to talk about a claim or accident, our claims team is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you’d prefer to speak to our customer service team by phone, you can call from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

Call about your Ticker quote or policy: 0345 3052 774


We didn’t find anything – but here are our top FAQs

How does Ticker work?

We post out the Ticker box, then you stick it on your windscreen and pair it with the Ticker app to see your driving stats.

We give you the benefit of the doubt with your price because people who are happy to have a box are likely to drive pretty well. Most insurers assume you’ll drive badly; we assume you won't.

However, we keep an eye out just for the drivers behaving in a seriously dangerous way (which could lead to a crash) and ask them to find insurance elsewhere.

We then use your data at the end of the year to work out your renewal price. The better your driving, the better the price we can offer you – but you'll never see any surprise price hikes during the year.

What’s the Ticker box?

It's a small, round box that fits in the palm of your hand. Inside, there's an accelerometer, GPS and a battery designed to last for at least your policy year.

We post the box out to you and you stick it to your windscreen. Download the Ticker app and pair it with your box. The box then collects driving data and sends it to us via your app. This will have a minimal effect on your data plan.

Unlike with some other black box insurers, the Ticker box doesn't have to be wired or plugged in anywhere – so it doesn't mess with your car or van and you don't need an appointment for an engineer to fit it.

When you leave Ticker, you can take the box off your windscreen and just recycle it like any other gadget.

How do I set up my Ticker box?

Download the Ticker app, stick the box to the inside of your windscreen and pair it with the app.

Your box will come with instructions but it's easy to get started.

How to set up your Ticker box

  1. Download the Ticker app and log in
  2. Tap Start setup
  3. Watch the video, then follow the instructions to:
    • Stick your box on your windscreen
    • Pair your box with your phone

The best place to stick on your box is in one of the corners of your windscreen or behind your rear-view mirror. The most important thing is that it's not in your line of sight.

Make sure any named drivers download the Ticker app and pair with the box.

While you're insured with Ticker:

  • Have your phone in the vehicle when you drive
  • Make sure your phone stays paired with your box - after the first time you pair, it'll connect automatically
  • Keep your Bluetooth, location services and mobile data on (but don't worry, it's a tiny dent in your data plan)
  • Stay logged in to the Ticker app

What’s in the Ticker app?

  • Weekly updates on your driving and the mileage you're doing
  • All your insurance documents are stored in the app and automatically updated if you make a change to your policy
  • If you need help with anything, you can start a chat in the app or tap to call or email us
  • If you're ever at the side of the road after a crash, hit the 'Had a crash' button on your app dashboard to speak to our 24/7 claims team
  • At renewal your quote will be in the app, and you can review and accept with one tap

How does Ticker use my box data?

We use the data collected by the box to:

  • Verify the insurance details you gave us
  • Work out how you drive
  • Calculate your renewal quote
  • Ask seriously risky drivers to leave

Doing this means we can attract the kind of driver that will do well with Ticker. It also helps us reduce fraud (a major issue in the insurance industry), which will ultimately make insurance cheaper for everyone with Ticker.

At renewal, we'll take your driving into account to give you our best price first time – no haggling required.

What we won't do with your box data

  • We won't share the data from your box unless we get a court order from the police
  • We won't ever report you for your driving
  • We won't 'fine' you for your driving or increase your insurance price mid-policy

How do driving stats work with Ticker?

When you open the app, you’ll see a dial that tells you at a glance how you’re driving. We'll update your driving stats once a week.

Gold is the best and dark red indicates high-risk driving.

If you’re always in the red, that’s when you need to think about whether a Ticker policy is right for you.

If we ask you to leave because your driving is seriously high-risk, you can cancel your policy with no black mark on your insurance record.

Who can be insured on a Ticker new driver policy?

We designed this insurance for anyone with up to eight years' driving.

If you’re the parent or partner of a new driver, you’re fine to be the policyholder as long as:

  • Someone who's had their licence less than eight years is named on the policy
  • They’re between 17 and 70
  • You'll be the person driving the most (whoever drives the most must be the policyholder)

Check out what you get with a Ticker new driver policy or get a quote now.

Who can be insured on a Ticker van policy?

Ticker van insurance is for anyone between 18 and 70 driving a van up to 3.5 tonnes. You’ll need to have had a full UK licence for at least a year.

Check out what you get with a Ticker van policy or get a quote now.

What’s covered by my Ticker new driver policy?

Check the policy wording for full details of what's covered by our new driver insurance.

A bit more about Ticker new driver insurance:

No nagging

  • Drive when you like with no curfew
  • Driving penalties or price hikes? Never.
  • No surprise cancellations

Save your time and money

  • No box fitting appointment: it's peel and stick
  • Our best price first time with no haggling
  • A renewal price based on your driving

Customise your cover

  • RAC breakdown
  • RAC legal cover
  • Protect your NCD

It's all in the app

  • Ditch admin fees – make changes by chat
  • Check your driving on the dashboard
  • Forget filing: your docs are always safe

Check out Ticker new driver insurance or get a quote now.

What’s covered by my Ticker van policy?

What's covered:

  • Damage to your van
  • Damage or loss by fire and theft
  • Legal responsibility to others
  • Personal accident cover
  • Using your van at home and abroad
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • No Claims Discount (NCD)
  • Cover if you're hit by an uninsured driver

No restrictions

  • No curfew
  • No sudden price hikes
  • No surprise cancellations

Designed for van drivers

  • Like-for-like van replacement
  • 5* van insurance Defaqto rating
  • Racking and signage covered

Customise your cover

  • RAC breakdown for van
  • RAC legal cover
  • Protect your NCD

The Ticker app

  • Chat to us in the app or tap to call
  • Check your driving stats
  • Make changes by chat with no admin fee

Check out Ticker van insurance or get a quote now.

Can I drive at night with Ticker?

Some black box insurers will give you a curfew, which has led to people trying to race home to avoid a penalty. With Ticker, there's no curfew and no driving penalties.

We don't mind when you drive – the important thing is how you do it.

What happens if I speed with a Ticker policy?

It’s not our job to enforce speed limits. However, driving data shows that excessive speeding is one of the biggest contributors to a crash.

There will be a small number of Ticker policyholders who'll drive in an extremely risky way – and we'll ask them to find insurance elsewhere. They get plenty of notice, it doesn’t put a black mark on their insurance record and it helps to keep insurance premiums lower for everyone else.

We’ll always try to help if we can, so tap to call or chat in the Ticker app if you're worried.

Do I have to change my driving style with Ticker?

If you’re like the vast majority of drivers and generally drive OK, you’re fine. Ticker isn’t for angels – it’s for drivers who use their common sense to stay safe.

We’re not going to start calling you or send you a mean letter because you took a corner a bit fast or went slightly over the speed limit for a few seconds.

We know what kind of driving leads to crashes and that’s what we use the box for: finding those drivers and asking them to leave.

What happens if my phone disconnects from my Ticker box?

Your box will still collect your driving data even if it's not paired with the phone – we'll just get it when your phone is next connected.

If we don’t see any data for a while, we’ll let you know so you can check your phone's still paired.

If we still don’t see any data, we'll remind you to check your phone is always connected.

Having your phone and box connected is a condition of your insurance, so if we think you’re deliberately keeping them disconnected, we may ask you to leave or cancel your policy.

You can always chat with us in the app if you need help with your box.

What happens if I remove the Ticker box or put it in another car?

Removing the box

The box can detect that it's been removed from the windscreen.

Unless you've changed the vehicle on your policy, taking the box out of your car or van breaches the terms of your insurance. Which means you’re not insured.

Putting your box in another vehicle

Putting your box in a car other than the one on your policy is also a breach of your insurance terms.

If you crashed but your box was sending us data from another location, we could refuse a claim.

Please don’t risk having a claim refused or driving uninsured. We’re quite relaxed about normal, usual driving, including some slip-ups here and there. But purposely trying to get around the conditions of your insurance is actually fraud – and we take that very seriously.

How do my named drivers affect my driving stats?

Your box only knows how the vehicle is being driven, so you should encourage any named driver to take it easy as they could affect your renewal price.

That said, we're mostly worried about seriously risky driving, so as long as anyone driving your car is a fairly safe driver, you should be fine.

What if I change the vehicle on my Ticker policy?

  • Contact us for a new quote (and we'll update your documents in the app)
  • We'll send you a new adhesive ring to make sure your box sticks well
  • Take the Ticker box off your old windscreen
  • Fix the new adhesive ring to the back of the box and stick to your new windscreen

How do I use my RAC breakdown cover?

If you bought RAC breakdown with your Ticker policy and you need assistance, call the RAC on 03332 000 999.

How do I cancel my Ticker policy?

Cancelling in your cooling off period

If you cancel within your 14-day cooling off period and we haven't posted your box yet, you won't pay anything. However, if we have sent a box out when you cancel, you'll pay a £40 fee.

You can either tap to call from the app, or go back to the top of this page to find all our contact details.

Cancelling at any other time during your first policy year

Out of your cooling off period, there's a £50 cancellation fee.

Your refund

As long as you haven't had a claim, you'll get a refund for any full weeks left of your policy. If you pay by instalments, you'll get a pro rata refund.

You can find full details of your cancellation rights and our fees in your policy wording document.

How do I make a claim with Ticker?

We put a button on the dashboard of the Ticker app so that if you ever crash, all you need to remember is that button. It'll put you through to our claims team, who are there 24/7.

You need to tell us about any incident, even if you don't want to make a claim with Ticker. Just hit that button on your dashboard and we'll be right with you.

Alternatively, our claims number is 01204 600 355.

How do I change things on my Ticker policy?

To change any part of your policy, call us on 0345 305 2774.

You can also chat to us for help or tap to call from the Ticker app.

Can I drive abroad with Ticker?

Your policy covers you to drive in Europe for up to 30 days.

Check your policy wording for all the details of what your insurance covers.

You currently do not need a green card to drive in the EU until at least January 2021. Check GOV.UK for the latest information on whether you'll need an IDP (International Driving Permit). Some countries in Europe already require an IDP.

How do I contact Ticker?

You can start a chat with us in the app or here at

You can talk to our customer service team by chat from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

If you need to talk about a claim or accident, our claims team is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You'll find all our other contact details at the top of this page.

How does Brexit affect driving in Europe?

Current status: you do not need a green card to drive in the EU until at least January 2021. Check GOV.UK for the latest information on whether you'll need an IDP (International Driving Permit). Some countries in Europe already require an IDP.

There may soon be more to driving on the continent than making sure your insurance is valid.

A ‘green card’ is an international insurance certificate that says you have the minimum level of cover required. If you’re planning on driving in the EU, you may need to apply for a green card to drive under your UK policy from January 2021 – at least a month in advance of your trip.

Renting a car abroad wouldn’t require a green card.

How to get a green card for driving in the EU

Green cards are issued by insurers so get in touch with us a month before you travel and we’ll post you one. It’s free to get a green card.

Where the green card rule would apply from January 2021

You’d need a green card for driving in all EU countries – the vast majority of continental Europe, as well as crossing the Irish border by road.

How likely is it that green cards will be needed?

In May 2018, UK and EU insurers agreed to waive the need for green cards, but this hasn’t been passed into EU legislation by the European Commission because a deal hasn’t been agreed.

The likelihood of the need for green cards is still up in the air but we’ll update our FAQs as soon as we know.

What happens at renewal with Ticker?

When renewal time comes around, we’ll email you and send all your information through the Ticker app. This will include the documents you need to check through.

As well as all the usual factors that go into a renewal price, we also take your year’s driving into account – so your renewal is truly personalised.

Your Ticker box

Once your policy has renewed, we’ll post you a new Ticker box along with instructions for pairing it with your phone and recycling the old box.

Find out more about renewing with Ticker.