GlobalData shows nearly 30% rise in telematics uptake

Ticker was created to take connected insurance to a much wider market, and the growing demand is clearly showing we’re on the right mission.

According to a recent survey from GlobalData, the uptake of telematics devices among under-30s went up 28.6% between 2020 and 2021.

Connected insurance can work for everyone

The benefits of connected insurance aren’t just for a select group of drivers, and we’re identifying new audiences who can lower their costs.

We have two products live today (novice and van) and will have eight by the end of the year, including propositions for low mileage drivers, older drivers, convicted drivers, older drivers, drivers new to the UK and electric vehicles.

These groups can’t be served with a one-size-fits-all product: we build tailored propositions ideally suited to each customer experience.

“Telematics can unlock discounts for good drivers…this will become especially important as the cost-of-living-crisis continues.”

Benjamin Hatton
GlobalData insurance analyst

“Connected insurance is one area where consumers can have more control over what they pay – whether that’s getting a better price based on good driving or by switching to a flexible pay-per-mile policy.”

Richard King
Ticker founder and CEO