Insurance Times features Ticker’s remote-first approach

Ticker has always prioritised creating a fantastic working culture – from engaging a business psychologist to carefully onboarding new starters – which is why, for us, moving to a remote-first model was a no-brainer.

The pandemic may have been the initial reason for the change, but it became clear to us early on that this was the right choice. It’s given us access to even more talent while providing the freedom our people need to create a work-life balance that works for them.

Talking to the Insurance Times, our founder and CEO, Richard King, went into more detail about our remote-first strategy and how beneficial it’s been for Ticker. Read his comments below, or go to the full article.

“With a hybrid model, you negatively affect those who aren’t local or who work better at home. Having some of the business in the office and some remote also affects communication – and the people in the office end up on Zoom calls all day.

“We took the opportunity of remote working to grow our talent pool, so we’ve hired people from all over the UK. It helps us be inclusive and welcome different ways of thinking from diverse backgrounds.”

“Everyone has the choice to use the office for creative work and socialising (when it’s safe), but they can do their jobs without the stress of switching from one way of working to another all the time.

“At Ticker, we’ve always put a huge emphasis on mental health, and a calm, happy, healthy person is more efficient and has more energy. We’ve shown that in our results, which is why we decided early on that we’d stay remote-first.”

“A better work-life balance means our people have the freedom of choice for their families. We can offer parents more flexibility, which has helped us achieve a 50/50 gender balance, with a majority-female management team. Someone coming back to work after parental leave can be so much more present for their child. That’s a game-changer.”

Richard King

Founder and CEO at Ticker