DVSA closes newly reopened driving test booking system

The DVSA reopened its practical driving test booking system on Friday 21 August, for the first time since lockdown in March.

Unfortunately, as the five-month backlog of hopeful learners all jumped at the same time, the website couldn’t handle the pressure.

Heavy traffic for the DVSA

According to the DVSA, the system was accessed seven million times on Friday, but many people were unable to complete their booking.

The DVSA has struggled to offer timely driving tests in the past, with wait times often a couple of months. Now, it has confirmed that new slots won’t be available more than six weeks in advance, so there’s a limit on how many are even offered.

When will driving tests be available again?

The practical test booking system will be down until 8am on Wednesday 26 August, while the DVSA scrambles to meet the technical demand for access to the site.

Without enough test slots available, however, that will be small comfort for learners. The DVSA has opened up evening and weekend slots, but there are only so many testers – and a lot of frustrated people waiting.