What a COVID-19 driving test looks like

Practical driving tests start back up again in England on 22 July, but things will look very different.


1. A major fault will end the driving test

Every driving instructor tells their students, “Just keep going”. A mistake could be a minor rather than a major fault, so learners are encouraged to try their best right to the end.

However, students will now be told to go straight back to the test centre after a major fault.

This limits time spent in the car (where keeping distance is impossible) but does also limit the valuable test experience for learners.

2. Face masks for everyone

Learners must be wearing a face mask when they arrive for their test unless they pre-warn the centre of a valid reason not to.

Examiners will pause the test if the learner has an issue with their face mask or even end the test if they feel there’s a safety issue.

3. No waiting room

Test centres are not using their waiting rooms during COVID-19 so learners must only show up five minutes before their test.

4. Instructors can’t ride along

Instructors often sit in the backseat during tests so they know what their student needs to work on if they fail.

But for now – learners are on their own.


Get all the details about what to expect from your driving test at GOV.UK.