MOT due during lockdown? Get booked in now!

On 30 March, the government announced a six-month extension for MOTs. This temporary measure ends on 31 July, so if your test is due after that date, usual rules apply.

If your MOT was originally due during lockdown, you should book a test as soon as possible.

What the MOT rules are

Any vehicle legally on the road (not SORN – declared off the road) must have insurance and an MOT, so the government temporarily extended MOTs during COVID-19. But the cut-off date for MOT extensions is 31 July.


If your MOT was due on 1 April, it now has a new deadline of 1 October.

If your MOT is due on 1 August, it’s still due on that day.

Do I need to worry about booking my MOT?

Although you may have had a six-month MOT extension, it’s important that your vehicle is safe. It’s not a good idea to leave your MOT until the last minute, not least because your insurance requires that your vehicle is road-safe.

There’s also going to be a big backlog of people needing MOT tests. If you wait to book, you may not get your test in time.

If your MOT was due at the beginning of lockdown and you’ll be needing a test quite soon, contact your garage as soon as possible to beat the queue.

Find out more about the MOT rules at GOV.UK.