When will learning to drive start back up again?

The DVSA halted theory and practical driving tests in March, and driving instructors had to stop teaching. Although tests did resume for key workers during the first months of the pandemic, most learners were left in limbo.

Now, we’re just starting to see the first signs of life. It’s nearly time to get back in the driving seat.

When can I apply for my provisional licence?

The DVSA put provisional licence applications on hold in March but have now started to accept new applications online. You can find the application system at GOV.UK.

This is a great sign that the driver education machine is preparing to recover and start to help the backlog of waiting learners.

When will theory tests start after lockdown?

We have a new date for when theory tests could start again but the DVSA only say, “Theory tests are currently suspended to 3 July 2020”, which suggests the date could be moved again. However, you can book your theory test in advance now at GOV.UK.

When can I start driving lessons again?

Driving lessons can officially start again from 4 July, alongside some other industries.

Independent driving instructors will have their own feelings about safety, so if in doubt – give yours a ring.

When will I be able to take my driving test?

This one is the hardest. Driving examiners have to come into contact with a lot of different people throughout their day, so the risk is high for them. They’re often retired driving instructors, so they can also be in a higher-risk age group.

The DVSA is determined not to guess at a date before they’ve done all the work in risk-prevention for learners and examiners.

Update 26 June: The DVSA has now announced that driving tests will start again on 22 July. Getting a date is great news for all the learners who’ve been waiting so long.

How do I get insured as a learner driver?

Bear in mind that you’ll need plenty of practice to catch up before booking your test. You can insure with us as a learner practising in your own car, or you can be a named driver on a parent’s policy. Take a look at Ticker new driver insurance.

Once you pass your test, it’s easy to get your insurance swapped over to your new full driving licence.

If you’ll be starting driving lessons again soon, good luck!