Young men are the focus of THINK!’s latest drink drive campaign

THINK!’s latest road safety campaign focuses not on drink drivers themselves, but their mates.

While the majority of us believe that drink driving is unacceptable, far fewer would step in to persuade a friend not to drive after too many drinks.

  Just 45% of young males think they should stop a mate from drink driving  

A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive

Overall, 64% said it was important to step in to stop a friend drink driving. But only 45% of young males agree.

60 drivers aged 17 to 24 are killed or seriously injured every month in crashes that involve drink driving. Young males make up the majority of those casualties.

It can be difficult for anyone to tell a friend what to do, but if we take responsibility for our peers’ safety in other scenarios, drink driving should be no different.

You’d probably stop a mate jumping into a river drunk – so why wouldn’t you try to stop them doing something that could also harm other people?


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