Van insurance with a black box – five myths cleared up

Everyone’s heard the myths about telematics insurance. It’s time to clear a few things up.

1. Black box insurance isn’t just for young drivers

Young drivers used to pay huge premiums because they were more likely to crash.

Since box insurance, those costs have dropped dramatically1 for young drivers – and they can for other drivers, too.

Ticker has designed box insurance to save more people money, and van drivers can get the benefits right now.

2. An engineer hasn’t got to fiddle with your van to fit the black box

The Ticker box is self-install, so there’s no fitting cost and no fuss. We post you the box, and you just stick it to your windscreen yourself.

That means you don’t have to book an appointment and waste a day waiting for an engineer to fit a box in your van.

  Ticker's black box held in a van driver's hand

3. You absolutely can drive at night with a black box

Some black box insurers had curfews in the early days of telematics insurance, but you won’t find any here.

Everyone needs to be able to travel freely whenever they need to. For work, socialising, emergencies…there are a million reasons you’d need to drive your van at night.

4. A black box doesn’t mean we’re spying on you

We don’t monitor your exact location or sit and watch how you’re driving – we’ll only look at your data if we’re alerted to a problem.

5. You’ll never get charged more over the year with our black box

The whole point of getting van insurance with a black box is to save money. You should be rewarded for your good driving.

Some telematics insurers may charge more during the year if you don’t drive like an angel. We only touch your premium at renewal – and better driving = a better price.

Time to give a box a go

Myths about van insurance with a black box – busted.

Ticker is making box insurance that works for everyone, and it’s time for van drivers to get the benefits.

Thinking about it? Find out more about 5* Defaqto-rated Ticker van insurance.

What’s covered with Ticker van insurance
Vans up to 3.5 tonnes
Personal injury cover up to £5,000
Cover if you’re hit by an uninsured driver
Medical expenses up to £200
Customise your van cover
RAC Roadside and Recovery
RAC van breakdown options, including replacement van
RAC Legal Cover for anything uninsured, like loss of earnings
Protect your No Claims Discount
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1Telematics insurance helps cut young driver casualty rates by 35%, LexisNexis, 2018