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Guidance for driving during COVID-19

Regularly updated to reflect GOV.UK driving guidance for COVID-19. Last updated: 12 May 2020. When you’re allowed to drive during COVID-19 A lot of us are holed-up at home but even with social distancing guidance in place, sometimes you will...

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Car insurance scams on social media

Car insurance scams are all over Instagram and Snapchat, targeting people trying to find cheap car insurance. Often they’re embarrassingly obvious – but if you were desperate to get that price down, would you take the risk? Who’s affected? Types...

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Communicating the Ticker vision

Be a parrot “You’ve got to do your best to hope that everyone buys into the vision that you’ve set out. And you can only do that by really being a parrot and continually talking about that vision. “Now, you’ve...

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BTCC mid-season catch-up with Mark Blundell

Ticker’s been sponsoring former-F1 driver Mark Blundell in the British Touring Car Championship 2019. We’re now half-way through the season, so we thought it was time to catch up with Mark about how his BTCC experience has been. What’s...

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Government considering curfews for young drivers

Graduated licensing – restrictions on new drivers – has been debated back and forth for years. Countries including Canada and Australia have versions of graduated licensing, but the UK has always steered clear to avoid interfering with young people’s lives...

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All about the Ticker app

Ticker works with a box and an app. Your Ticker box collects data on your driving, then sends it to your phone when it connects via Bluetooth. Your phone sends the data to us through the Ticker app, with minimal...

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