How does Brexit affect driving in Europe?

Current status: you won’t need a green card for driving in the EU unless leaves the EU with no deal. Make sure you check GOV.UK for the latest information on whether you’ll need an IDP (International Driving Permit).

If the UK ends up leaving the EU with no deal, there’ll be more to driving on the continent than making sure your insurance is valid.

A ‘green card’ is an international insurance certificate that says you have the minimum level of cover required. If you’re planning on driving in the EU, you’ll need to apply for a green card to drive under your UK policy – at least a month in advance of your trip.

Renting a car abroad wouldn’t require a green card.

How to get a green card for driving in the EU

Green cards are issued by insurers so get in touch with us a month before you travel and we’ll post you one. It’s free to get a green card.

Where the green card rule would apply

You’d need a green card for driving in all EU countries – the vast majority of continental Europe, as well as crossing the Irish border by road.

How likely is it that green cards will be needed?

In May 2018, UK and EU insurers agreed to waive the need for green cards, but this hasn’t been passed into EU legislation by the European Commission because a deal hasn’t been agreed.

The likelihood of no deal and therefore the need for green cards is still up in the air but we’ll update our FAQs as soon as we know.

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